• Jeremy_C

    Cruising for a bruising

    He’s very much a guy’s guy who says what’s on his mind and doesn’t seem to care if he comes across as brash and boorish. He’s also one of the most popular presenters on motoring...

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  • lybia1

    Libya’s leading lady

    Glossy bleached locks, a perfect model pout, tailored tops and tight-fitting pants . . . until now the world has seen Muammar Gaddafi’s only daughter as nothing but glamorous and groomed. But these days she’s presenting...

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  • kate6

    Sold out – that’s Kate power!

    At the rate she’s going you could put a sack on her slim frame and it would be snapped up by followers of her fashion. Fortunately the woman set to marry the future king of...

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  • Sarah-Ferguson-On-The-Apprentice (1)

    Who’s not invited to the Royal wedding?

    As the guests start arriving at Westminster Abbey, spare a thought for the dignitaries who didn’t crack an invite to the most priviledged wedding of the decade. Former Prime Ministers Gordon Brown andTony Blair are probably wondering...

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  • Liz_taylor2

    Farewell, Liz

    The year was 2005 and Elizabeth Taylor had just returned from a shark-cage diving holiday in Hawaii. “My son called me just after I’d come back,” she told a reporter. “He said, ‘I’m in the supermarket and...

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  • tsunami

    Japan’s heartbreak

    The message on the sign is quite simple: “I will come at 11 o’clock tomorrow so please wait. I will come again tomorrow.” These poignant words, scribbled on a piece of cardboard in colourful koki...

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  • Elizabeth-Taylor

    Dame Elizabeth Taylor has died

    Screen icon, Hollywood legend and arguably one of the most beautiful actresses of the 20th century,Dame Elizabeth Taylor, has died. According to American news websites the 79 year old actress died from issues congestive heart...

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  • eco-baby

    Rear-facing seats safer for babies under two

    Children under the age two years should ride in rear-facing car seats, separate studies by The American Academy of Pediatrics and The National Highway Safety Administration have found. The research that was released this week,...

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  • japan0

    Japan’s nightmare

    It’s Japan’s greatest calamity since the events that ended World War 2 – and the country’s misery hasn’t ended. First a shattering offshore earthquake struck in the northeastern region, triggering a tsunami that surged ashore...

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  • andrew

    The dork of York

    He has never been the brightest card in the British royal pack. Prince Andrew’s dodgy dealings with a convicted paedophile, underage girls and dictators have pushed pictures of a beaming Will and Kate off the front...

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  • soen0

    Housework: It’s better than sex!

    What gives women more satisfaction than sex, makes them feel in control of their lives and is more empowering than being in a boardroom? Housework. And it has such feel-good power it’s being called the...

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  • royals

    We’ll do it our way

    In a fireproof cabinet in a tucked-away office in London’s St James’ Palace are the plans for the wedding. The only courtier entrusted with the key is Prince William and Kate Middleton’s private secretary, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton. With his firm...

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