• jubjubvictim

    Jub Jub crash: God saved our son

    ‘‘I felt the hand of God that day,’’ Joel Mushwana says, looking at his teenage son, Fumani. The youngster has a bandage on one ankle and walks with the aid of crutches. Fumani is so...

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  • madogterhande1

    My child, mutilated

    She was rushing around as only a mother can when her daughter is coming to visit. The April school holidays were around the corner and there was still so much to do. She’d stocked up...

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  • hartbaba0

    Our baby needs a heart

    She glances at the toddler playing a short distance away in the garden. How much longer will she have the privilege of seeing her son playing like this? There’s a cellphone on the table in...

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  • hg20100318ch0160

    Happy again after the horror

    She remembers Valentine’s Day in 2006 as if it were yesterday: the gun pressing against her stomach bulging with her unborn child, the two shots that rang out, the excruciating pain as she instantly went...

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  • shilohsuri

    How hot tots Shilo and Suri match up

    They’re Tinseltown’s hottest little girls – one a Peter Pan-loving tomboy who goes straight for the gun-and-sword section in toy stores, the other a prim princess who prefers tutus to trousers and slicks on lipstick...

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  • mandlamandela

    Madiba’s grandson weds again

    It seems she came out of nowhere to steal the heart of one of South Africa’s most powerful men. Many were surprised when gorgeous 19-year-old Anais Grimaud married Inkosi Zwelivelile Mandela, chief of the AmaThembu...

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  • You_Emergency_Services

    Emergency numbers

    Special in this week’s issue:A 16 page booklet packed with emergency number, travel tips and tourist information! Keep it your car. Keep it next to yor home phone. But don’t miss it!

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  • Elvis_II0

    What drives Idols’ Elvis Blue

    The sound of strumming guitars fills the air of the Eden congregation’s hall in George. “Easy or difficult?” Elvis Blue asks. “Easy first, please,” the five students ask the cool guy who had Idols judge...

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  • derekvandam1

    Derek van Dam’s fine and sunny life

    What more could you ask for than a home with a sea view in picture-perfect Llandudno, Cape Town – hammock and all? Especially when you share it with a South African partner who, like most...

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  • juliusmmalemabrein0

    Inside Malema’s murky mind

    It seems every time he opens his mouth he sparks outrage but it doesn’t bother Julius Malema. In fact if the ANC Youth League leader was paid every time he insulted somebody he’d be even...

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  • jaloersman0

    ‘He shot my best friend’

    He was standing with her back to him when the shot rang out. She lifted her hand to the burning pain in her neck and felt the warm, sticky blood. The thought flashed through her...

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  • nickgreyling0

    Kidnapped man’s hell in Nigeria

    HE’LL never forget the taste of the rice with chilli sauce his kidnappers gave him to eat. And he’ll always remember how it felt to hold a rope in his hands – a rope they...

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