Make back to school cooler with STAEDTLER



You want your child to have the best night’s rest and the best breakfast so they can feel and do their best at school. Then make sure they also have the best tools for all the big and little jobs.

From glue and scissors to pencils, markers and modelling clay, give your child a competitive edge with STAEDTLER stationery for school and home.

Here’s a shopping list for some of the school things your child will need this year:

For all the essays, pictures, projects and art assignments that may come your child’s way, they’ll be prepared with their STAEDTLER stash.

The fun stuff at home needs STAEDTLER too, so make sure to stock up on all these products.

Create a creative environment where the young ones can relax at home and recharge their batteries for the next day. An arts and crafts area will help them focus their energy and unwind with their STAEDTLER treasures.

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