Guidelines for short stories in YOU



Length:  1 500 words

Genre: Any, including romance although we’d like to feature more whodunits and crime/detective short stories.

Plot: General, but including contemporary issues such as the Internet, e-mail, family and social relationships, etc.

The main criterion is that the story should be an entertaining, compelling read, and not too high brow or morbid. Stories with an interesting twist always make for fun reading.

Finally: There must be a definite story line; sketches will not do.

Target market: YOU is a family magazine and ideally we’d like our short stories to appeal to both male and female readers (young adults and adults).

Presentation: Only typed manuscripts will be accepted for consideration.

To facilitate our production process please:
•    Use double quotation marks by pressing SHIFT and key with double quotation marks.
•    Use only one space after full stops, commas, semicolons, question marks, etc.
•    Press the ENTER key only once to make a paragraph; do not use indents.

Fee: R1,25 per word.

When submitting contributions kindly include your name, full address details and contact telephone numbers on the manuscript and attachment if applicable.

1. We prefer to receive electronic submissions. These can be e-mailed to

2. Alternatively post your manuscript to YOU, PO Box 7167, Roggebaai 8012 and mark them for the attention of C van Zyl.

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