Style advice: The Break-Up Edition

It’s official: you’ve been dumped.

We’ve all been there. We know the drill. You cry, you watch Titanic, you eat some carbs. But most importantly: you look GOOD. Better than ever, in fact.

Taylor, take note: now is the time to dress your best. Pack the sweatpants away. Times of sorrow are not made for athleisure. Sadness is not the friend of Sports-luxe. The same rule applies for any of the following:

  • Hoodies
  • Slippers in public
  • Anything oversized
  • Cable-knits

Now is the time to SHINE. To switch off the Adele, and blast Beyoncé. Pull out all the stops: we’re talking faux fur, pleather, plunging necklines and heels that reach the ceiling (almost).

This is about showing off everything that you’ve got (which is the world and more) and putting yourself FIRST.



1. Shake it sista!



2. Ooooh Girl!




3. Ring the alarm!




4. She’s got her groove back!




5. This girl is on fire




Via Spree/Marieke Merts

Images: Supplied