WATCH: Dancing traffic cop in Fourways puts a smile on grumpy commuters’ faces

Dancing traffic cop fourways

PHOTO: Facebook

Any motorist who’s ever been stuck in Fourways traffic when the robots are out will know it’s certainly nothing to smile about.

Unless, of course, you’re lucky enough to have a traffic cop like this handling the situation.

Murray Kernick recently captured this jolly display at the junction of Cedar and Witkoppen Avenues in Fourways, Johannesburg, and shared it on Facebook.

Although it’s not clear what music the traffic official is listening to, the outright pleasure derived is totally infectious.

Heather Loggenberg commented on the Facebook post that she absolutely loves the official’s entertaining routine, but added that people should “never, I repeat, never” make the mistake of getting on the wrong side of her.

Heather says she’s often seen pushy taxi drivers being pulled into line gutsily and so smartly that offenders almost end up with their necks dislocated!

The video has since been viewed 250 000 times.

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