10 January 2013

Education is one of our passions so we’re delighted to begin the second phase of our Teachers for Change project to reward 12 of SA’s best teachers.

Last year we asked readers to nominate those educators who’ve gone the extra mile, brought change to their school and had a remarkable impact on the children they teach.

The response was warm and wonderful, and it’s heartening to know how many teachers you value.

During the year we’ll introduce you to the winning teachers who will each receive an Apple iPad gift pack worth R120 000! And that’s just for starters – turn to page 102 to see our great prizes for the teachers and their schools. The start of the school year can be daunting so we’ve put together practical advice and information for parents and kids on how to get organised for the year ahead (page 30).

And we have a great free poster with this issue for young and older schoolkids. On one side you’ll find the times tables
and on the other the periodic table. Stick it up on the wall so your kids have a quick reference at any time. Seeing Joost van der Westhuizen enjoying the company of his children again is really heartwarming.

We love the article on their holiday together in Mauritius. As Joost says, his children are so much more relaxed and happy since he and Amor have made friends again, so it’s a treat to see pictures of the four of them enjoying one another’s company so much. Turn to page 8 for our picture special.

Till next week, Linda.