Pretoria’s dumbest criminal gets locked inside car he broke into

PHOTO: Unsplash

PHOTO: Unsplash

A car guard, dubbed Hatfield’s dumbest criminal, was caught red-handed inside the vehicle he had broken into, police said on Monday.

This was after the owner of the vehicle locked the suspect inside his vehicle on Sunday.

Captain Colette Weilbach said a 22-year-old motorist had parked his vehicle in Burnett Street, Hatfield. She said the driver had difficulties locking his car and left it unlocked while he ran into the shop for 10 minutes.

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When he returned, he found an unknown man inside his vehicle, busy searching for items to steal, Weilbach said.

“The motorist remained clearheaded and used the remote control to lock the suspect inside the vehicle.”

Brooklyn police arrested arrived on the scene and arrested the 33-year-old suspect.

Nothing had been stolen from the car.

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The man appeared in the Hatfield Community Court on Monday.