Teen creates bra that detects breast cancer



A Mexican teen has developed a bra that detects early signs of breast cancer.

Julian Rios Cantu (18) has since won the top prize at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) after his mother’s battle with the disease inspired him to create the innovative undergarment.

He designed the bra, also known as EVA,  with three other friends under his company Higia Technologies.

Photo: higia.tech

Photo: higia.tech

The bra features about 200 biosensors and maps the surface of the breast, which enables it to track changes in temperature, shape and weight.

An increase in temperature often indicates an increase in blood flow, which indicates that those blood vessels are ‘ “feeding” on what, typically, is considered a type of cancer.

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“Why a bra? Because it allows us to have the breasts in the same position and it doesn’t have to be worn more than one hour a week,” Julian said in an interview with El Universal.


The EVA only needs to be worn 60-90 minutes a week in order for it to detect any changes.

“EVA is a network of biosensors that covers the woman’s breast, takes the temperature data, analyses them, and sends the information to an application or any computer,” he told Infobae.

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Julian beat 13 other international students in the running at the GSEA and took home $20 000 (R 271 000) in prize money.

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