New app to keep kids busy for hours


Are you looking for something that will entertain, yet educate your little one while creating more opportunities for you to bond? Look no further!

PlayKids is the biggest, most popular kids app in the world – and thanks to Huisgenoot, YOU and DRUM, it’s now available with uniquely South African content. The app is crammed full of learning and entertaining experiences – from games and craft projects to videos, stories, books and sing along songs.

And if you’re concerned that your child might become a screen zombie, don’t be! This app is not just about entertainment, it’s also about learning together. That means children as young as 2 can practise their fine motor skills with puzzles and other games, while older children will benefit from exercises that teach basic spelling and maths, as well as learning songs and dance moves, which encourage them to move more. A host of craft projects gives you and your child new things to do together every day.

In addition, there is the opportunity to learn new languages: the app has Afrikaans content from Lollos, as well as a Portuguese and Spanish ‘train car’ with stories and songs to learn these new foreign languages.

How it works

The home screen of the app is one big train, and each carriage contains something exciting for your little one. The first one is full of games, the second contains all the PlayKids Originals – characters created by the PlayKids brand. Then follows the popular South African videos from Jungle Beat and Lollos. You can also look out for a Disney train carriage, and carriages linking to the other  PlayKids apps – PlayKids Party, PlayKids Learn, PlayKids Watch and Create and PlayKids Stories. The last train carriage feature bedtime lullabies.

New content is uploaded regularly, so there’s always something new to discover for young minds.

Data is not a problem either – most of the videos and games can be downloaded onto your smartphone or tablet and then still used offline when you are not connected to mobile data or wi-fi. The app is available in both the Google Play store as well as the Apple app store.


South Africans can make use of a seven-day free trial, which gives you access to all of the content in the app. This includes books, stories, videos, games and activities. If you like what you see, you can subscribe monthly at a rate of about R59,99 per month to gain access to all content. If you don’t subscribe, the app will revert to a limited usage version, which offers you some basic activities but which are not updated, disabling the library.

To get the app now, go here for Android devices. For Apple devices, click here.